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“10 Minutes Guitar Lesson”

It’s a great magic!
Within 10 minutes, anybody can learn to play the guitar!
Let your friends, family and loved ones listen to your great performance of the guitar!
* It is necessary to get a real guitar to practice but it should be worth it.

誰でも1曲を10分でギターが弾ける魔法のアプリ スクリーンショット1
誰でも1曲を10分でギターが弾ける魔法のアプリ スクリーンショット2

No efforts and scores necessary!
Just put your fingers on the frets as you see on the screen!
By using only a few fingers, you sound like a real guitarist.
Even if you are clumsy, you can learn to play the guitar in short time.
“I have never played any music instruments!”
Yes, that’s you who will be playing the great music with the guitar tomorrow!

Coming Soon

"Silent Night"

Classic Christmas songs are sung as a song, "Silent Night"

“10 Minutes Guitar Lesson” appearance! 


"HappyBirthDay To You"

Classic songs sung to celebrate a birthday, "Happy Birthday"

“10 Minutes Guitar Lesson” appearance!

「HappyBirthDay To You」 誕生日をお祝いするために歌われる定番ソング、「ハッピーバースデイ」が簡単!10分ギターで登場です。


Japan sings classic songs of the home landscape, "Frusato"

“10 Minutes Guitar Lesson” appearance!